Fun times in NOLA result in temperature of 100.6.

Monday, I had a conference to attend in New Orleans, so Bryan and I decided to make a weekend getaway out of the trip. We flew in on Friday, then Bryan left Monday morning and we both went to work that day. I have to say, what a city! We had such a great time!!!

Of course, now I'm paying for it. I have no idea what I caught or how I caught it, but I came home with a wicked cough and this evening, when my head started feeling swimmy, discovered I have a temperature of 100.6. HOW ANNOYING! I got in super late last night, so decided to work half a day from home and take half a personal day. Considering I spent the second half of my day taking a 3.5 hour nap, I'm thinking that personal time might come out of sick time instead. I even skipped the second week of my new "advanced" belly dancing class. :(

Anyway, I'll be updating with pictures of our trip sometime soon!

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Cassandra said...

I stopped by your blog to see if you had posted NOLA picks...sorry to hear you are sick! If you see comments on my blog from my friend Kim and follow to her blog, you will see that she just got back from NOLA and is sick too--plus the pharmacy down there made a major screw up-- geez! Feel better!