Spring has sprung, now spring me from this joint.

Oh, people. It's spring outside. And I am stuck in this office, high up on the 12th floor with not a window in sight. Torture.

This morning I had to go by our financial planner's office to drop off a check so we can get some money in our 2007 IRAs, and they don't open until 9am. So by the time I was headed there, the morning chill was gone and the sun was shining to beat the band and it is so freaking perfect outside that it seems like a crime to go to work. I am always reminded of college on days like this, because those first few days of spring were perfect days to hang out on The Lawn with everyone and their cousin... reading a book, chatting, doing work... man, those were the days. Back when responsibility was just turning in research projects on time and spending a few hours a week at your job...

I found out through a friend this morning that Crayola recently held a contest to allow kids to rename some of the crayons in honor of the 50th anniversary of the 64-crayon box. My favorite? Turquoise blue will, for a limited time, be renamed "Happy Ever After." That has always been my favorite crayon, and I actually think that is the perfect name for it! How fun is that? Here are some others, and a link to the press release:

I think those are awesome, personally. Yay kids.

Anyway, guess I'll get back to work now... at least I can't SEE how beautiful it is. Maybe I'll just pretend that it's actually stormy and nasty outside. Yeah, that's what I'll do... nobody better come in here and say, "Man, it's SUCH a BEAUTIFUL day!!!" If they do, I'll have to kick 'em.

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Anonymous said...

aww...my dress is happily ever after

i hope prom is =)