A completely satisfactory weekend.

If this weekend went to elementary school, I'd give it a nice solid S on its report card. Maybe even an S+.

It started on Friday, when I left work and headed to Short Pump to get my toes did. They needed it. Any time you're telling someone you need a pedicure and you refer to your toes as "talons," that is a good indicator it's time to pamper your feet. Of course, once I got off 64 onto Broad Street right around 5pm, I wondered what in god's name I had been thinking, going there on a Friday evening. How do people live out there? I mean, traffic on Hull Street is bad, but it's like a country road compared to Broad Street!

After many complaints to myself about the impossible number of things they're building out there, I made it to the mall. There I found that they are building a hotel ONTO the mall. Jesus. Have we become such creatures of consumption that we can't shop enough in one day, we have to stay overnight to get it all done?! Wow.

The pedicure was good. There's a nice faux-spa in Short Pump called Avalon. Really it's a regular ol' Asian nail salon, but they put on a good show and there's not a lot of neon, so I like it better. After that, I weighed either going right back to my car and going home or going to H&M. Take a guess which I chose.

$90 and 5 pieces of clothing later, I headed back down 288 towards home. Bryan was still at work, so I decided I deserved Chipotle. It had been, like, two weeks since I had had my steak taco fix, and, wow, what bliss. I ate my tacos and watched Top Chef and American Idol and finally my husband came home.

Yesterday was productive... I probably cleaned for a good three hours, did quite a few loads of laundry, and made a trip to Target for razors and Swiffer Wet Jet juice. I left with razors, Swiffer Wet Jet juice, shampoo, headbands, a shirt, a sweatshirt, two pairs of leggings, some socks, two books, milk and some Ziploc containers. Yeah. Target'll do that to a girl. Since my dear husband was STILL working, I asked myself what I was treating me to for dinner on this lovely Saturday evening, and the answer was Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Where I decided that I do not drink enough smoothies. YUM. Then, home to read and watch TV and wait for my husband...

Today I have done umpteen loads of laundry, spent an hour and a half cleaning, gone to the Chesterfield Berry Farm farmer's market (I'm trying to use more local products) and gone to Costco, read a good chunk of my current book, All the Pretty Horses, and now it's time to finally do my taxes while I yet again wait for my husband to come home from work.

So, in case you haven't noticed, the thing that's keeping this weekend from getting an E on its report card is the working husband. :( Every spring, there's maintenance galore to do at the power station where he works and he ends up working these damned 80 hour work weeks. It blows. All I can say is I'm glad I did spend a few years of my adult life as a single girl, because I still remember what to do with myself without him around.

But I sure do miss him.

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JYNX'd said...

im sorry your hub had to be gone all weekend! (you need him to acquire a "C", btw!!)

did you ever find those dooce elephant clips???