This is why I hate shoes.

Today, one of the interns who is starting our residency program in July came by with his girlfriend. Neither of them had ever been here before, so, like a good southern lady, I took them on a tour of MCV, and even walked across the street and showed them the nice gardens at the Capitol. This took about an hour.

I actually really enjoyed it. It is weird to me how much I love this city, because I grew up thinking I must immediately move away as soon as I was old enough to support myself--for no other reason than the fact that I had decided I was a woman of the world! No way in hell I'm staying in my home town!


So anyway. Back to the shoes and today.

So we walked around for an hour, and I could feel my feet getting all hot and sweaty in my shoes as we walked, but I did not let this deter me from extending the tour until I had covered all the good parts of this area. When we stopped on the corner before we parted ways, I could feel the slow, steady "whom whom whom" of my feet developing blisters. Ah, damn.

I came back up to my office and took a seat and contemplated what to do next (besides work). I could take my shoes off, but then they'll have room to swell and when I have to put my shoes back on to go home it'll be even worse. And so I left them on. And now I have all these hot spots on my tootsies. Poor things.

Do people with non-arthritic feet have this problem? I feel like they don't. But I really don't know. I see girls in the CU-TEST shoes and I get so freaking jealous. *I* want to wear cute shoes every day! *I* want to put on a pair of hot, hot high heels and not feel like I have just inserted my feet into medieval torture devices! *I* want to go shoe shopping and actually FIND SHOES THAT FIT! *I* want to wear the same size shoes on both feet, not an 11 on one and a 9.5 on the other (yes, true story).

This, people, is why I get so stupidly excited when the time comes that I can put on my flip flops and not give it a second thought. Because in flip flops, my feet have room to expand and contract and sweat and do whatever they want. My rheumatologist gets real mad at me that I don't wear proper orthopaedic footwear, but, come on, I'm 29 years old (for another 4 months)! I do not want to wear ugly shoes!


I wish I had thought to bring my flip flops with me today.


Mymsie said...

I'm so jealous of girls who can stand to wear heels everyday. I just can't do it. Thank goodness flats are still stylish.


JYNX'd said...

wow...when i saw you walking out, i woulda never thought you were hurting!! btw, from the previous comment...DUDE, do you dare me to get those shoes and wear em to work??? hahahaha