Congratulations, Jodie & Chuck!

My BFF Jodie got engaged! She and her fiance Chuck celebrated their one year anniversary last night with a dinner date and a proposal. :)

I am so happy for them. They both get starry eyed when they talk about each other, they truly have come together as a team in life, and each is willing to give to ensure the other's happiness. I was lucky enough to be Chuck's confidante in the process (alright, I admit, I sort of weaseled my way into that by offering my babysitting services if he wanted to do something romantic once they started talking about getting engaged). It was so much fun to be the person who helped buy the ring and keep it safe (i.e., away from their house and Jodie's prying eyes!) and who knew when the proposal was coming. Jodie was an anxious fiancee-to-be, so I almost had to whack her a time or two when she kept asking me what I knew and when it was going to happen and did he have a plan and did he have the ring and did he.... ;-) Us ladies can get a little impatient when it comes to true love. :)

I finally figured out a way on Friday to throw her off track. I truly did not want her going into dinner last night expecting to get engaged--I wanted it to be a surprise (as did Chuck... and of course, he matters more than me. :) ). I thought all last week about how I could make her think it was going to be ANOTHER day so that she would go into her anniversary convinced--and okay with the fact--that she wasn't getting proposed to that night. So at dinner on Friday with Jodie and her children, I tossed out a "mistake" and told Jordan that I was babysitting her and her brother twice this week, then made an "Oh shit!" face that told Jodie that I wasn't supposed to let that slip. The truth was that I was only on the babysitting schedule for last night, but I wanted Jodie to think that there was a second, secret date night planned. And, people, I am a good actress. :) She bought it hook, line and sinker. I was so proud!!!

So Jodie was truly surprised last night, and the happy couple had a lovely dinner at Hull Street's best--Bonefish Grill! :) I'm so glad they were able to celebrate their love, and I look forward to watching that love grow over the years to come!

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