Before I croak.

So whilst doing my usual blog trolling this morning, I came across the following video on dooce:

***The video was removed from YouTube, but it was Prince singing Radiohead's "Creep." I should probably be glad they got it off YouTube, because Prince does not like people distributing his work without his permission. Just trust me when I say it was awesome.***

My first thought was, "Jesus, I have GOT TO see Prince in concert before I die... or before HE dies!" And then, "I need to make me one of those lists... '100 Things to Do Before I Croak.'" And so I started it. I didn't get very far, but after a couple, I was like, "Shit! I'm at work! I can't sit here and philosophize about my life until I list 100 things!" And so I stopped. And I'm glad I did, because, really, one shouldn't come up with the most important things to accomplish in life on a whim. It should merit a little bit of thought and contemplation. So right now it's saved in my Google docs and I'll add to it whenever I think of something. Maybe one day it'll even be more than 100. Who knows.

But anyway, here's what I got so far. Please share your own "must do" items if you have some, I'm always interested in what other peeps aspire to. (Really, I want to steal your good ideas, but you know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all...)

1. See Prince in concert.
2. Get my teaching certificate.
3. At LEAST substitute teach French.
4. Become a mom.
5. Go on an African safari.
6. Take my mom to Paris.
7. Have a big anniversary party (10th? 15th? 20th?) and invite everyone we invited to the wedding. Recreate (to some degree) awesome wedding reception.
8. Learn to knit or crochet.
9. Give my personal testimony at another Arthritis Foundation event.
10. Become a millionaire.

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Cassandra said...

I am totally with you on # 10.

Hmmmm.# 6 sounds like a one way... are you bringing her back?

My list is still evolving....