I am, indeed, a white people.

Over lunch I was browsing a few blogs that I put on a list of ones I like, but that I don't visit often. One of these is Stuff White People Like. It's meant to be ironic... obviously not ALL white people will like ALL the things they talk about. But for the most part, they're right on the money. And I think it's funny, but I've never been one to take racial references too seriously (unless they're truly derogatory, probably should clarify that).

So anyway, the latest thing they say white people like is New Balance sneakers. And you know why that's funny? Because ever since I had a massive crush on Ray Asianpimp (not his real name) in college, and he had the hottest legs and he wore those old school gray New Balance sneakers, I have loved them. And lately, they started making a ladies' models that are totally adorable. And a few years ago I decided I needed a pair. And last month I saw the sleekest version at Rack Room and decided the time had come! Of course, it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find a size 11 at a store, so I had to go online to find them. But I saved almost $15 over the Rack Room price, so :-P to Rack Room. (And YAY to shoes. com!)

And so I have some. And they are fabulous. And now I'm feeling extra white. And the fact that "Hey Jude" by the Beatles is what my iPod is playing right now makes me feel downright pasty.


Mymsie said...

♥ my New Balance kicks - I have Carolina blue ones and army green ones. So comfy!

Cassandra said...

I love that blog! You know, no one likes to think it is PC, but this blog makes you think it is almost efficient to stereotype--hahah.