black thumb turns green... sort of.

well, my gardening attempts yesterday were at least superficially successful! we shall see how long the flowers live... after spending an hour or so fighting with the weeds in the "bed," i was ready to head to lowe's to get some supplies. bryan was almost done with scuba and on his way home, but i headed up to lowe's solo so that i could buy the hose house that i have been wanting to get but that bryan didn't think we needed. :) (i think he will like having it though... so much better than having the hose just laying there in a bunch of knots.)

so i got some geraniums, some marigolds, some petunias and some impatiens, then i got potting soil. now, i am a question asker, so i probably asked 4 different people different questions about gardening while i was at lowe's. the people i asked about the dirt must not have been too keen on the gardening either, because they told me the potting soil was what i needed, when, in reality, i think it's made more for POTS than the ground. but i think it will work. at least i hope.

also, another lowe's customer consultant told me i could just plant the flowers in THAT dirt (no need to dig down into the ground), so that's what i did, because the earth in our yard is HARD and it would have been a real pain to dig holes deep enough for those suckers! so instead, i put them in the top soil and mounded up the dirt around them. i am hoping that the rain we've gotten since i finished is helping the roots to wind their way into the more stable earth below, and not just washing away my mounds. :)

so, for now, at least one spot in our yard looks perty.

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wahoobubba said...

looks pretty good to me! maybe you can come and do my yard:)