the pottery better be my friend.

well, today i am heading off with my friend tammy to the williamsburg pottery. we made this trip last year and i found quite a few awesome things for the house, but this year, my mission is different. i am going in search of WEDDING SUPPLIES!

now, last year when i went, i wasn't engaged so wedding supplies didn't even cross my mind. but if i am remembering correctly, i'm thinking i should be able to find quite a few things that will satisfy a few of my wedding needs. i need a big glass vase/bowl for the guestbook cards (we're not doing a traditional guestbook, we're doing little notes from each guest that will be put into this bowl, then put into a book). i need some favors... i have no idea what i want for that, though. i need some blue satin for the girls' sashes... perhaps i'll find some things for bridesmaid/groomsman gifts...

yesterday finally called the DJ company back that i think we're going to use, after realizing, thanks to my girls on theknot.com message boards, that they really are going to be my best bet for a DJ in richmond. so i think instead of going with the owner, who is awesome but $500 more expensive than his employees, we're going with this guy who is a DJ on a radio station in charlottesville. gotta talk to him still, but hopefully he'll work and i can cross that off the list!

people have been checking our wedding web page and commenting, it's all becoming so real... but we still have SO MUCH to do... as i write this i see the 3 tabs open with potential honeymoon venues, reminding me we still need to figure that out. i've been thinking we're going all-inclusive, just to make it as relaxing as humanly possible, but yesterday started wondering if perhaps a nice hotel and dining out wouldn't be about the same price and just as fun. this is what happens when i don't make decisions quickly: i start to second-guess myself! unfortunately bryan is the most analytical, slow decision maker i've ever known, so quick decisions don't happen around here too often. :) (thus the 4.5 years of dating before engagement!!)

next weekend my little sister goes to PROM! she's only 14, but she is growing up so fast. bryan and i are headed up to bath county for the weekend to assist in the getting ready process, and also because we never go on weekends away, and even though we're trying to save every penny we have for the wedding, i think we deserve it! it will be fun to stay in one of the bed & breakfasts (yet to be booked) and see ol' bath county from a different perspective.

well, i need to prepare for my trip. hope you'll all enjoy keeping up with me. thanks to cousin cassandra for the blogspot idea to keep everyone updated!

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