officially official

well, i feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my wedding planning shoulders.

we're getting married on brown's island, a popular venue in richmond for outdoor events. through a connection who knows about the island, i learned that the island was "closed" on the day of our wedding, and that renting it for an event costs $7500, but that since it was closed, we could just sort of show up there and get married and no one would care. because we REALLY wanted to get married there, bryan and i decided this was good enough for us.

as time went on, though, and our vendors asked if it was all official that we were using brown's island, i started to get more and more uneasy about just using it without official permission. so i called a contact at the company that rents the place, and asked if she could check to see if since we're just having a short little ceremony there and no big set up if we could find a way to make it official. well, today, she called me back and told me that she has okayed it with the company that owns the island and so all is well!

yahoo! now i don't have to feel like i'm sneaking around and doing something i am not supposed to be doing! :)

for those of you reading this who now think i'm a lunatic for even considering doing such a thing without official permission, do know that it is a public place and there are no fences or patrolmen or anything that keep people away. and there's no way we were paying freaking $7500. obnoxious that is.

i'm extremely glad it's memorial day weekend, and it looks like we are headed up to rolling thunder in DC. this'll be my first time for this event, and while i am a little wary of the prospect of sitting on a motorcycle on hot asphalt in 80+ degree temps, i think it is going to be totally awesome and tons o' fun. i'll try to remember to take pictures! :)

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bring water and sunscreen, see you there