weekend in bath county

well, we are back to the grind after our weekend in bath county!

finally got on the road friday evening and stopped in staunton to see my mom for a few minutes before heading up to bath county. bryan had never been past staunton, and he tickled me all weekend with his responses to and questions about bath county. the first one, headed out of staunton, was "when do we get back on the interstate?" no interstates in that part of the state--we stayed on a country route for the next hour and a half 'til we reached our destination: the inn at gristmill square in warm springs.

we had dinner in the restaurant there (after having to make a reservation for half an hour later--who knew you needed reservations to eat in bath county!?), and then headed off to bed to rest up for the big day on saturday: prom day!

after having a lovely continental breakfast of fresh baked muffins and breakfast breads, coffee and OJ delivered to our room and eating it on the couch in the plush white robes provided to us, we got ready to head over the mountain to pick up victoria and zechariah. we made a couple sightseeing stops (the warm springs, lake moomaw) and then found ourselves in good ol' mountain grove.

saturday was a bit of a blur, but after hours at the beauty salon(apparently there is ONE woman in bath county who does prom up-dos, and man does she have some good gossip!) and going to pick up her date (who lives in the middle of nowhere and the best i can tell was the last kid with no date to prom and vic wanted to go so he became her date!), we dropped off victoria at the homestead for prom! bryan and i snuck in and spied on her for a few minutes. felt like a goofball, but we weren't the only ones, and i wanted i can't believe she's going to be 15 this summer, or that zech will be 14 in october! they are growing up so fast. i was glad my mom and i were there to help vic get ready, it was lots of fun to have a girly day, and i think zech and bryan bonded a bit on the tennis court at the gristmill. :)

didn't get to spend much time with zech since it was all about victoria, but did manage to convince him to take a picture with me. every time i see him he has become more and more of a young man, it really freaks me out and makes me feel OLD! and if he gets any more handsome i don't know how we're going to keep the little girls away!

yesterday we made the obligatory drive-by of the bath county pumped storage station (the hydroelectric power station there). bryan couldn't seem to get a good enough view so he took it upon himself to seek out a better angle... i guess since he is a Dominion employee, going "behind the blue sign" is sort of justifiable (he says he was just posing by this fence).

after taking some boring pictures, we headed back to staunton for a mother's day visit with my mom. she broke out some old home movies and baby photos for bryan to see... thankfully he's already been around me long enough to know what a dork i am, so i wasn't at all embarassed by the photos, except maybe a little by the awful feathery hairdo i had circa 1986. oh well. we all had bad hair back then, i guess. :)

it was a great weekend away, and we had some great dinners and spent some great time with family!

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Kev in law said...

y'all have air conditioners in the windows already! What's up with that?

Also, wanted to mention but forgot: How can a human be afraid of WORMS? A worm is just an independent intestine. Really.