fabulous friday

i am so glad it's friday. this weekend is going to be busy, but i'm glad it's the weekend all the same!

bryan and crew didn't do so great at the softball game wednesday night... but in the first inning bryan had a highlight reel moment when he caught the ball in left field in the tips of his glove and did a somersault and still came up with the ball. then there was that play where he was coming in to home base and demonstrated the perfect slide--totally unneccessarily. :) my theory is he can NOT leave a softball game unless he's covered in red clay dirt, so he's gotta get that slide in there sometime. i think he likes the way it looks sprinkled on the linoleum in our foyer...

tomorrow our friend leslie graduates from college, then bryan is headed off to poker night with da boys. maybe he'll win a lot of money to put towards the honeymoon (that's what he always says he's doing when he plays poker). sunday's wedding planning day. bryan was reminded of this last night while i was on the phone with my mom, and let out a little "whaddya mean wedding planning day?!" "it's on the calendar!" i said. no choice for him... we'll meet with the DJ, then register for wedding gifts, then go meet with the guy that's marrying us. i will be relieved to have those things taken care of so we can move on to the rest of it.

i have been trying to get sick all week, and yet i keep forgetting to take my clarinex. i'm sure it's just allergies, and i paid 35 freaking dollars for the medicine, yet i can't remember to take it. my throat feels like it's about to get sore and my eyes hurt and my head hurts and i'm stuffy--things that haven't gone away for a week--yet those little blue pills (clarinex people, not viagra!) stay in the bottle and i continue to suffer (mildly, yes, but it's still a form of suffering!).

tonight... what to do? leaving work early today to go furniture shopping with a co-worker for one of the doctors, then making a little pit stop at the mall, then maybe i'll head down to ol' chester and see my dad and grandma... so, family, if you're reading this, let me know if you don't plan to be around this evening. :)

i promise to keep this blog neutral and not get into too many political rants, but can i just ask one question? how come our country all of the sudden only has one border? i'm just sayin', if you're going to talk about borders, don't say "THE border." there's more than one.

hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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KK said...

I have never seen 17 Canadians living in an apartment, driving an uninsured vehicle, and demanding services in French. Nor have I heard of any problems with anyone losing their job to a Canuck who was willing to do it for half the rate.

Just sayin'!