makin' me crazy

do you ever have one of those days where you have about 100 things you want to get done and something happens that delays the completion of every single freaking task?! i feel like that's what today has been like.

i go in these cycles of freaking out and needing to get all these wedding things done and then i get a few done and breathe for a few weeks (ie, do nothing), then freak out all over again. well, if you couldn't tell by my last post, i am currently in the "get everything done" mode. but it seems like everyone i ask for an answer has some reason they can't answer me at the moment that i want the answer! yes, i know the world doesn't revolve around me and that sometimes these things take time. but it's makin' me crazy.

so poor bryan when i get home this evening. because he is one of the worst culprits of not deciding things on my time frame. :) and i REALLY want to make a decision about our honeymoon and the dj situation (bryan wants to go see the guy in action, the company wants us to send in the contract ASAP since our wedding day is a really busy day for weddings). personally, i liked the guy, and so did bryan, so i see no reason we can't just send it in, but i need to convince him of that. the dj company says it's really awkward to go to someone else's wedding to see him in action (well, geez, we're not going to crash the party) and that what if we come at a moment when he's doing something whack that the couple asked him to do (playing the macarena or an otherwise sucky song). bryan says you don't go to a car dealership and buy a car just because the car salesman tells you it drives well and it looks nice. i don't know... i know the company we're going through is the best in town, so i trust from our meeting with him (1.5 hours) and their word that he'll do a good job...

anyway, i'm gettin' a bit crazy over this wedding planning. but once a couple things get squared away, i'll be fine again. :0)

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