motivate... motivate... motivate...

well, yesterday's trip to the pottery was a success. i didn't find everything i had on my list, but i didn't expect to. and the best part of the pottery is that if i decide not to use the things i bought (i have more than 4 months to find something better), it was all super cheap and i can find other uses for it anyway. good stuff.

that's only the second time i've been to the pottery and i have to say it brings back memories of my nana. i remember her loving to go to the pottery when i was a kid, and never knowing what the magic was that it must hold for her. i miss her, and wish she was here to give some crafty advice on all the do-it-yourself projects i'm taking on!

so. now it's time to motivate. bryan has gone to get recertified for scuba diving so that he can come with me on my open water dives to complete MY certification, and i am determined to be productive while he's gone. i finished a couple more save-the-dates that i didn't have addresses for with the first batch, cleaned up the kitchen a bit (no one ever told me that as a grown woman i was going to have to clean the kitchen EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE!), and folded some laundry. now, i am venturing into the great outdoors, that great wilderness that is our yard.

bryan and i are both crap for yardwork. there always end up being other things that are more important or more interesting to do, and our yard has been neglected every year. the fact that bryan is obnoxiously allergic to grass doesn't help matters, either, because every time he mows the grass he is sick for a week. so anyway, after getting this in writing so that i can't go back on it, i am headed out to attack the areas of ground that supposedly pass for flowerbeds. our builder landscaped these areas with some lame shrubs that either are some midget variety of shrub or whose growth were stunted because of our black thumbs. i'm starting with one of them... gonna dig all of it up (even the 10 tulips i planted two falls ago when i thought i was going to start doing yardwork) and go to lowe's and buy some dirt and some flowers. the only problem is i know NOTHING about gardening. so this oughta be interesting... particularly if i come across any worms, of which i am retardedly afraid. wish me luck.

on a lovey-dovey note, bryan wore one of his arthritis walk t-shirts to his scuba re-cert. every time i see him wear one of those shirts in public, i am giddy. i think most guys would think that t-shirt was cheesy and wouldn't wear it, but not him... whether he knows it or not, the fact that he shows the world he is involved with the fight against this disease just makes me love him even more...

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