wednesday's softball outing

last night was softball night for bryan. i, being the good wife-to-be, always go and root his team on. thankfully this year one of our friends is playing on the team, too, and his wife comes along, so i am not the ONLY person in the stands. it's a pretty good time to watch the guys play, although men and sports will always be beyond my comprehension. don't get me wrong, i enjoy watching, and i'm even a competitive person, but i am mystified by how a bat and ball can bring otherwise calm and collected men together. they go from casual hellos to smacking each other on the behind and calling each other baby! it's fascinating...

anyway, bryan's team kicked some bootie first game out--they won and the game was ended because of the slaughter rule, they were so far ahead of the other team. so you'd think the second game would be similar right? (they play the same team twice in a night.) WRONG! the second time around, the OTHER team won with the slaughter rule! i have no idea what happened to my guys after the first game, but it was really a comedy of errors watching them the second time out... dropping the balls, hitting nothing but fly balls right into the gloves of the outfielders... luckily for me, losing games seems to affect bryan less and less the older he gets. when he first started playing 5 years ago, he would get in a real funk after a loss. now i can tell he's bummed, but he gets over it pretty fast. guess he's mellowing out in his old age. :)

on a tragic note, while at the softball game jodie called me to give me the american idol results since i was missing it. i am devastated to see lovely, bald chris daughtry go home. *sniff* guess i will have to direct my loyalties to elliott yamin now, the hometown boy. the bad thing is i won't have the distinct joy of seeing and hearing chris for the next two weeks, the good thing is that i won't feel guilty for wanting the hot guy to win more than the guy from my hometown. :)

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