feeling accomplished

this weekend was good... practically bursting at the seams with accomplishments. they might just be personal accomplishments, but they're accomplishments all the same. when you are a girl who loves being a couch potato as much as i do, anytime you're gone more than you're home in a given weekend is good.

accomplishment #1: went to see grandma and dad friday night. considering i usually get home from work and want to veg out and think about heading down to good ol' chester but rarely actually GO there, i was glad i took my little (okay big) butt down there. it's always good to catch up with the fam! even if i did bore both grandma and dad by forcing them to look at websites relating to wedding planning stuff. :)

accomplishment #2: pantry: DONE! well, this is more bryan's accomplishment than mine, but while i was in chester visiting, he was at home putting the finishing touches on our newly expanded pantry. when i got home my cookbooks were in their new little nook and it made me giddy to see stuff going back in there!

accomplishment #3: kitchen back to normal, house (relatively) clean! my mom was thinking about coming down saturday evening (she didn't end up coming), so in a holy-crap-company-can't-see-our-house-like-this frenzy, bryan and i flew around the house saturday morning and made it presentable. the best part of this is that the kitchen is back to normal from the hell hole it had been for months. wish i had taken pictures so you could get the full effect, but, alas, i never remember to take picutres.

accomplishment #4: made it to our friend leslie's college graduation and celebrated with her. our friend leslie graduated with her BA this weekend from VCU, so we went and watched her receive her degree and then headed to bottom's up pizza for a little celebration. i was so excited for her and almost cried because i am so proud. look, i know i'm a dork.

accomplishment #5: caught up on a week's worth of tv. yes, i consider this an accomplishment. while bryan was off playing poker with the guys, i caught up on i think 5 shows i had missed. i like tv, okay? (and by the way, he didn't win the poker tournament. :( )

accomplishment #6: a FULL day of wedding planning!
accomplishment #6a: met with the DJ. yesterday's wedding planning adventures began with the dj. we went through the reception timeline and then got to the fun part where we talked about the music... what we did and didn't want. i requested that he play steve miller band "the joker" at some point in the night and he looked at me like i was crazy, so i gave in and said of course i'd understand if he didn't think that would go so well (i just love that damn song so much). bryan requested AC/DC and Led Zepplin. to my horror, the dj said he could probably get a little AC/DC in there. oh lord. when he asked what we absolutely did NOT want, neither of us had any very strong feelings, but as time went on i said please let's not have the macarena, please let's not have "mambo #5" and please no beegees. i hate the beegees. bryan and i need to figure out our first dance song and such, but i think we'll be in good hands with the DJ we've picked.
accomplishment #6b: selected and registered for china at hecht's. i was worried we'd have a hard time deciding on a china pattern, but we managed to pick it out rather quickly. we were at hecht's for quite a while, though, because picking flatware and glasses and cookware is hard work! and bryan has a serious aversion to, as he put it, "buying things he doesn't need." i tried multiple times to explain to him that HE isn't buying these things, that we are selecting things we would like to have so that people don't buy us random stuff we don't want, but he is just so practical that he never got as registry scanner happy as i would have liked him to be. :)
accomplishment #6c: met with our celebrant and discussed the ceremony. this part was the highlight of the day, and i didn't expect it to be. i had been thinking that a wedding ceremony is a wedding ceremony, same thing pretty much every time (unless you're catholic in which case it's excrutiatingly long). our celebrant took us through a powerpoint presentation about the ceremony that touched on so many things i would have never thought of, plus went through some different versions of a wedding ceremony. so we have a booklet of several selections for each different part and we'll put our own ceremony together from that. people, i was crying a couple different times just thinking of our ceremony and us saying those things to each other and... lord, i am a total girl and i hope everyone sitting anywhere close to us (and especially any members of the wedding party) will have a stash of kleenex ready to pass to me because i am going to be a mess.
accomplishment #6d: registered for some more stuff at target. since we want people to have options, we went to target and registered for stuff, too. again, bryan was very scanner gun shy, so we'll have to go back, but i am glad we at least got the process started. he tells me i can't just go back and put stuff on the registry without him, so we'll see if i can resist that temptation.
accomplishment #6e: made it home, with friendly's ice cream, in time to catch the season finale of desperate housewives.

so today, i feel like i need another weekend day. luckily, next weekend is memorial day, so we'll have that extra day off... can't wait for that! :)

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