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alright, so yesterday talked with the (potential) dj for the reception and we are meeting with him in a couple weeks on the same day we're meeting with our wedding officiant. it will be a day devoted to wedding planning! i might even drag bryan's butt to a formalwear store so we can figure out the whole groom/groomsmen attire thing. today my goal is to get a better, firmer idea of where we're going on our honeymoon. i'd like to get that booked so that as i get more and more stressed about the big day, i can remember that the next day i'll be sitting on X beach in X sunny place sipping X fruity beverage. :)

bryan and i watched that david blaine special on monday night, and i am totally fascinated by that guy. i think he's insane, but man is he interesting to watch. i was convinced he was going to die trying to break the breath hold record, so when bryan suggested we go to bed early and watch it the next night (we have DVR and were recording it), i insisted we watch it because i didn't want to watch the man die after he was already dead! ha! thankfully that wasn't an issue. it never occurred to either of us that he wasn't *actually* holding his breath, but apparently some people think that part was an illusion too? i disagree... i think he does magic and he does stunts, and that was a stunt. a crazy one, but real all the same.

yesterday i had to drive to work because i had a doctor's appointment, and it was interesting after not having driven for a couple weeks. for those of you who don't know, i started taking the bus to work a few weeks ago after realizing how much money it was going to save me (upwards of $200/month) and getting spoiled by napping on the way to work. i had a dermatologist appt yesterday (annual mole check--making sure none of them turn cancerous!), so i was able to sleep in a bit, which was nice, but going back to the whole parking 4 blocks away thing sucked. so today i brought my parking pass with me and i'm cancelling it. i figure i can always sign back up if i decide i want to...

gonna go do a bit of honeymoon research and then get back to work!

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Jodie's Journey said...

do you like your mole doctor. i have some that need a checkin too. did they do any test or just look at them?