it's all coming together...

so, i talked to my future sister-in-law last night and she got her bridesmaid dress, and we chatted about wedding stuff for about an hour. god, it is so weird that i am getting married. i can't say i never thought i would, but now that i am, i am occasionally surprised that i really am tying the knot. and it's crazy that it is happening in, oh... 136 days! talking to kelley i realized for about the hundredth time this week how much we have to do in so little time... i need to get better about scheduling all of it because i am crap for time management, and bryan's definitely no better at it than me. and to his credit, i have this giant to-do list floating around in my head and the only things he knows about are that we need to book the honeymoon and the rehearsal dinner and holy crap there is so much to do.

speaking of the honeymoon, i'm trying to convince bryan that we should go to Turks & Caicos. i thought an all inclusive would be the way to go, but the more i thought about what i want from a honeymoon, the more i thought i'd rather be somewhere less touristy. a friend of mine from the arthritis foundation went to Turks & Caicos and still raves about it being her favorite vacation ever, and she vacations rather frequently. she and her husband even did this thing where a boat took them to a private island for the day, just the two of them there on their own little beach with a picnic basket and some rum punch. now what better outing can you have on your honeymoon? and the place we'd stay is rated #1 on tripadvisor.com, which is nothing but traveler reviews. it's called the royal west indies resort. and it looks fabulous. and the scuba diving in T&C is supposed to be some of the best in the caribbean. there are always other options, but this is the one i'm pushing for at the moment!

several months ago bryan started a project: expanding our pantry. he knocked out a wall (our pantry is under the staircase, which is in the center of the house) and has been working on finishing it since then. his dad came down and did all kinds of work on it one weekend, and now, finally, it almost looks like he's finished! except he is a perfectionist and every time it looks like it's finished, he sees some miniscule little spot that needs to be fixed and extends the project by a few days... i will be so glad when he decides that it is good enough and i can have my pantry and my kitchen back! we are interesting, bryan and i... we're both perfectionists to some degree, only on different ends of the spectrum. bryan will work and work and work until something IS perfect, i will do it the best i can and then stop because i know it will never be perfect and if i don't stop at some point i'll drive myself crazy. sometimes we balance each other out that way, sometimes we end up spending way too much time on a given project, sometimes we drive each other crazy because we either want the other to leave it alone or fix it better. guess that's the way love goes... :)

by the way, it's kind of funny to talk to family (and family-to-be) now because i start to tell them things that have been going on in my life and then they say, "oh yeah, i read that in your blog," and i kind of forget that this is here and people are actually reading it. i need to make sure that i don't tell EVERYTHING here and that i save myself some things to talk about!

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