happy birthday dad! and damn, we're slow.

happy, happy birthday to my dear old dad! i am sorry to miss it, but hopefully we'll get to spend some fun times together soon!!

it's 2:40 and i wanted to leave by noon. i am actually kind of impressed that we'll probably leave by 3, because i know that we're both incredibly slow at getting moving. well, bryan's really slow. and i am by association. :)

anyway, we did get the grass mowed, my eclipse washed, some laundry done, house cleaned and the satellite radio transferred back to the eclipse this morning/early afternoon, so i guess we're doing good all the same. oh, and we tried to save a bird that was laying in the grass (thankfully bryan didn't run it over), but i think it was on it's last wing... she couldn't move very well. but we kept our fingers crossed that maybe she's a baby and is just getting the feel of being out of the nest. doubtful, but i'm all about optimism!

hope everyone has a great weekend, will update once we're back from our bath county/prom getaway!

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wahoobubba said...

thanx darlin. Sorry i didn't get to see ya but i'm glad you and bryan are able to get away and i hope vic has a great time. there was a bird on our porch today and bren thought the cat may have gotten it but it was just a youngun and was trying to get used to the whole wide world. i watched out to make sure the cat didn't get it and it eventually made its way to greater things. lifes learning experiences. ain't it grand!!!