Dag'gone Duggers Done It Again!

Holy crap. The Duggar Family is expecting again... baby number 18!!!

If you haven't heard of this family, they're worth checking out. You can read the article about their latest announcement here. I have known about the Duggars for a few years now... I guess I first saw a special about them on TV when they had 15 kids. And they're of the faith that God will give you as many children as he wants, and you better accept all of them. They actually appear to be incredibly normal and well adjusted when you watch their specials, although really, don't they have to have a screw loose to have that many children?! (Or wait... I guess "loose screw" is perhaps too appropriate here... oh, lydia... you did not just say that on a family blog!)

Anyway, even though I think they're a little crazy, I actually kind of admire the Duggars. Or maybe it's not admiration, just amazement. Who knows. But I like their story and I like reading about them. They claim to be debt free, they all built their gargantuan-ass house together, the kids all learn violin and piano, they take care of each other. I mean, seriously, if we had more Duggars in the world, it might be a nicer place. More crowded place, for sure, but at least people would be more kind.

Uh, who the hell am I right now? Promoting 20-person families and building your own house by hand? Yes, sure sign it's late on a Friday and I am delirious with the desire to go home.

Anyway, all of the Duggar children's names start with the letter J. They are: Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah and baby Jennifer. It shocks the hell out of me that it took SIXTEEN children before they got around to Jennifer. I mean, how did they decide on Jinger (pronounced like ginger) before Jennifer? Weird.

So the next one... Jodie? That's a good J name. Jillian? Jacob? Holy crap, they haven't named one Jacob yet?! Jemimah? Jezebel? HA! Yeah, Jezebel it will not be. Any other ideas?

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Cassandra said...

UGH! You must have the baby bug bad! Okay-- if she is going to keep her clown car uterus going how about adding some name diversity with a Jawanna or a Juan? (just kidding) Have you seen their house? It is really awesome-- with the exception of the "prayer closets" - which I think are a little extreme- that place is cool!