Motivation: I gots none.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I have hit a wall. I ate WAY too much for lunch and there's no one around and the items on my to do list are not pressing and my back hurts and all of that is culminating in my eyelids waging a serious campaign to close for an hour or so. And so to fight against the urge to wander over to the couch in my office and take a lil nap, I figured I'd blog.

After my rant yesterday, I heard back from my rheumatologist. The verdict is I need to go see a physical therapist. We don't know what the hell is wrong with my back, but it's gone on too long and it is affecting my daily routine and that just ain't cool. (Note to cousin Cassandra: Don't worry, it's not kidney pain! :) ) So hopefully that'll help. Until then, I'm taking Aleve and sitting on a heating pad. I've always been an Advil kinda girl, but the Aleve actually makes a difference, whereas the Advil did not.

So this morning my highlights caught up to me: I had a TOTAL blonde moment. My bus was about 15 minutes late to downtown because traffic was AWFUL again, so I was a little thrown off schedule. I did my normal coffee/email/voicemail routine and by then it was 9:05. I go to my calendar to see what's on my list to do today, and WHOOPSIE DAISY! I was supposed to be at a training at 9am. So for a few seconds I battle with myself... "I'm late already, I can't exactly take my heating pad with me, maybe I shouldn't go, but I need to go and I don't know when the next training is and I'll only be like 10 minutes late, so..." And so I went. I took a quick look at my calendar to see where I was supposed to go, and noted that the room was Main Hospital, 4-122.

The thing about MCV is that there are crosswalks between the buildings, but because Richmond is so hilly, you can be on the 2nd floor of one building and when you cross over, you're on the 4th floor. And then you can cross over to another building and be on the 2nd floor of that one. So I went to the floor that I thought would take me over to Main 4, and ended up on Main 2. No prob, except I gotta wait for the elevator and that takes forever. (In too much pain for the stairs today, peeps.) So now I'm easing towards being 15 minutes late. I get to the 4th floor, and do some good observational work to learn that the 4-low number rooms are on the left. I head left, I pass 4-202, 4-200, 4-157, 4-135, then there's 4-105. Uh, wait a minute. Where's 4-122??!

So I'm wandering around, KNOWING that I am where the room should be, but it is not there! And now I'm annoyed. Those dummies sent me the wrong room number! At this point I think maybe they mixed up the number, but I might know where the room is. So I go down to the 1st floor and head towards where I think it might be, but then I realize that I am heading to AD Williams and it DEFINITELY said Main Hospital!

Finally, I get pissed and go back to my office. I mutter to myself the whole way (internally, of course... I'm not talking to myself out loud, although I'd fit in fine around here if I did) about how annoying it is when someone sends you the WRONG room number for a training and how I should have just stayed in my office and rescheduled to start with and now my back hurts more and ARG!

I get back to my office and sit at my desk and pull up my calendar, still cursing the person who sent me the confirmation email under my breath.

And what do I see? Main 1-422. Not Main 4-122!!! I had TOTALLY read the number wrong!

*sigh* I hate those idiot moments.


Cassandra said...

Oh man--I hate that you missed your traiing.... and I bet you guys were going to do some really neat warm fuzzy icebreakers and team builders. (note my sarcasm)
Glad it's not ye olde kidneys--but take care of yourself. I love your cat pictures. Kim and I submit "lolcats" all the time. We are total goobers. At this very moment there are two pics of my fat cat (Inez) out there on that site.

Brie said...

Your new banner looks like a Sex & the City promo. :) In the best possible sense. :)