One track mind.

Last night Bryan had softball at 6:30. Since my back is still all out of whack (especially after demonstrating the move I think caused it to a co-worker yesterday), I skipped belly dancing again, so I hopped off the bus, hauled it home to change clothes, and met Bryan at the movie theater so we could continue on to softball without being late.

The game was alright... they lost to some young dudes twice, but I got to chat with another wife that I like a lot. Afterwards, we decided that it was DEFINITELY a Rita's night, so we pointed our car in that direction.

If you aren't familiar with Rita's, I suggest you go to their website and find one near you and go there. They call it water ice, but I think that's kind of like italian ice. Really what it is is a thick slush of heaven. You can get just ice, or you can get a gelati, which is ice with custard. And you can get other concoctions, too, but those are the best. They come in all kinds of different flavors. Bryan introduced me to this glorious delicacy in Pennsylvania, as we never had Rita's where I'm from. But praise the lord, one opened up about a year and a half ago less than a mile from our house! We quickly became regular customers, eating Rita's like twice a week. Yes, it's that good. We've since slowed down our rate of consumption, because we both are getting to that age where when we eat something, it tends to put down roots somewhere in the region of our belly buttons.

All that said, it's been a few weeks since we had Rita's, and we were excited. So we got there and got our treats and headed home, shoveling colorful goodness in along the way.

We pull up to the stop sign across from our house and Bryan says, "Uh oh." To which I reply, in, like the dumbest tone of voice ever, "What?!" I look around trying to figure out what his problem is, and finally land on the driveway. I recognize something's off with the driveway, but it takes a few seconds for it to register...

We forgot about my car.

DUH!!!! We were so one-track-minded about Rita's that we both completely forgot we needed to pick up my car at the movie theater, a few miles back down the road. Of course, at that point all we wanted to do was go in the house and focus on finishing our Rita's, so we looked at each other and said, "Oh well!" And left it there. :) No worries, Bryan took me to the bus stop this morning (which happens to be the movie theater), and I'll just get my car when I get home!

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Mymsie said...

Mmmm, Rita's sounds slushy and refreshing!