One of THOSE mornings.

Today started off really poorly. I have had awful lower back pain for about a week and a half now, and for some reason last night it decided to reach that peak where I have no desire to move once I find a position where I'm not in dire pain and this morning it was at that place where I had no desire to move AND I wanted to vomit from the pain. Yeah. That bad. I chalk this up to arthritis pain, but really, who knows. (I emailed my rheumatologist this morning, don't worry.) But when it gets to the point where 800 mg of ibuprofen doesn't make a slight bit of difference, you know it's bad.

So I laid in bed a little longer this morning and decided I'd drive to work. I contemplated not coming in at all, but I was going to be in just as much pain sitting at home as coming to work, and my boss was scheduled to come by today with her new daughter, and due to various illnesses this year, I've already used 3/4 of my sick leave. So to work it was.

I finally got ready in about twice the time it usually takes me, and headed out. I get two miles from my house, and traffic is at a standstill on Hull Street. Lovely. Luckily, I know a little shortcut around the traffic, so I took that and wasn't delayed TOO much. Then I get on the Powhite Parkway. And I go about 4 miles, and guess what happened next. MORE STANDSTILL TRAFFIC!! Jesus H.! Keep in mind the whole time, I'm in pain and just want to get to work where I can plug in my heating pad and get a little relief. I creep along for a few miles, and decide, screw it, I'm taking a detour. Again, thank God I know my way around this city. I hop off the highway and onto Jahnke Road and take Forest Hill into the city. On the way, I called Jodie and she allowed me to rant and throw the F bomb around a few times. That made me feel a LITTLE bit better, but everything was still crappy.

So I come into the building all brooding and crabby, and determined that today is going to get better. Somehow. I get up to the 12th floor where my office is, open the door, and all of the sudden, everything was better.

Standing behind my office door was the cutest two year old girl you could ever see, who looks up at me and then immediately down to the floor with this lovely shy little grin... you know, that look where they sort of tuck their chin into their chest and then sort of look up at you smiling?

Now seriously, how could anyone be crabby when a child has just MELTED YOUR HEART?!

And now... Tuesday will be alright. :)

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Cassandra said...

First-- I hope you feel better!!! Second- I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog header and layout. Also, my back hurt really bad when I had kidney stones-- get your but to a doctor!