The Epitome of the Chick Flick

I rarely--VERY rarely--see movies on opening night, but tonight, I did. I just got home from seeing "Sex and the City" and it was totally wonderful. A few thoughts on seeing the ULTIMATE chick flick:

1. Sold out theater full of women = noisiest movie theater EVER. But, oh, so fun.

2. Must. Shop. More.

3. I love love. And this movie reiterated that, like, a lot. Made me yearn for my husband (who didn't decide he wanted to come until it was already sold out and who I found on the couch, asleep in his work clothes, when I got home at 9:50pm).

4. When you go to an action flick that's exciting, you can take a potty break with that giant-ass Pepsi hits your bladder half way through during a fight scene that you know will last a couple minutes, so you won't miss anything. When it's girly action where what people SAY and DO actually matters, you can not pee.

5. Unbuttoning your jeans and unzipping them halfway buys you, oh, a good 30 minutes in your quest to avoid missing any part of the movie to use the bathroom.

6. It's a little awkward if you don't get your pants done back up before the lights come up (do they usually turn them back on that FAST?).

7. Oh yeah, and us women? We ALL seem to hold it so we don't miss anything. I believe the line to the ladies room was a good 30 women long after it was over.

8. Go see it. It's good. Real good. :)


Cassandra said...

We had a girls night out last night as well for Sex in the City. It was a blast!

Mymsie said...

My best buds were on vacation Friday so I agreed to wait to see it. I can't wait!

Brie said...

Um. I'm only friends with guys. So I will have to wait until this comes to the Byrd and then go alone.

I am hugely (HUGELY) jealous. ;) But I'm also glad it's good--I won't mind waiting.