Dominion Family Reunion

There are a few guys that Bryan works with that he has become close to, and for the past several years, we've gotten together with these guys and their wives/girlfriends/families every couple of months. Usually we sort of rotate houses, and sometimes we go out to a restaurant instead, but we haven't been the "hosts" since our wedding, which was September of 2006. Needless to say, it was our turn. So this past Saturday, we had everyone over to cook out and have a few beverages. We also invited a couple of our non-Dominion friends that we hadn't seen in a while... if you're having everyone over, might as well take full advantage of the socializing opportunity, right?

The weather was PERFECT for a party, and Bryan had even gotten off of work early the day before and cut our grass, so we actually got tons of compliments from our friends about how nice our yard was. HA! If only they knew that just over 24 hours before, it had been waist high! :) I love having people over... it gives me a great excuse to clean and cook. Ironically, the cleaning part I *hate* to do, but know it needs to be done. The cooking part I *love* to do, but it's sometimes ridiculous to cook things like buffalo chicken dip and a big batch of chocolate chip cookies for just Bryan and me.

So what I didn't stop to think about when I planned a nice afternoon get-together is that most of these guys had been working non-stop (like, 60-80 hour weeks) for the past several months, and they were ready to unwind, AKA drink. Luckily we had plenty of beer and margaritas to keep everyone's thirst quenched. And so by 9pm, we had a full blown party on our hands.

By 10pm or so, I convinced everyone to play Apples to Apples, a VERY fun board game. I love playing board games, but usually I can't talk people into playing them unless they're drunk. Apples to Apples is easy enough that it doesn't matter how many you've had, you can figure it out. I'd explain it to you, but, unless you're playing it, I'm sure you don't care. Just know that it can get pretty hilarious. Once we had a winner, well, then it was just crazy. By then the tequila had been opened, AND the Captain Morgan's, and then somehow a roll of paper towels became a dance partner, and... well, it was fun, that's the main point of all this. :)

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Mymsie said...

Sounds fun! I've never played Apples to Apples but I love board games.