It was my dad's birthday!

I got super behind on my blogging this week and didn't post the Mother's Day update 'til Tuesday, then Wednesday was crazy, then yesterday the Rita's incident, and somehow in there, I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY here to my dear ol' Dad!

Dad's birthday was Monday, and I stopped by for a little while to visit with him and Neener (my stepmom) after work. I had actually ordered his birthday present (and my Mom's Mother's Day present) online and was very careful to order them to be delievered in time for Mother's Day/Dad's birthday, but there was a big ol' snafu and I *still* don't have them. Arg!

Anyway, I just wanted to send birthday wishes to my Dad here, since I know he reads this nonsense. I love you, Daddy! Here's to, what is it, "39" more happy b-days! :)

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