I'm no Annie Duke.

So we spent a couple days in Atlantic City.

And we lost our money.

Do you know how freaking ANNOYING it is to play poker and either not get a freaking hand to play, or to get great cards and be winning all the way 'til the LAST CARD when some IDIOT has stayed in with a freaking 3-5 suited and catches his effing flush on the river?! UGH!!!

Yes, that's how the three days went for me, and I apologize to all you non-poker players, since you probably have no idea what the hell that means. The point is that Lady Luck was not standing behind me, or beside me, or sitting in my lap. Obviously she prefers the men, because they're the ones whose chip stacks kept growing and growing and growing... Bryan had better luck the first night, but after that we both just died a slow chip death.

The good news is that the Borgata is an awesome hotel to stay at, so we did at least enjoy the amenities a bit...

And besides, in just about three weeks, we'll be in Vegas, where we'll win it all back.

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JYNX'd said...

holy holy crap--i had to read that first paragraph like 5 times since i wasnt sure if i was seizing or the adhd was acting up or WHAT..then i realized, dude--she is speaking trump-ese or something. sorry bout the chips--i have that same luck all the time, so know that feeling! glad you got to get away tho!