The greatest sports injury ever.

A few weeks ago, I began having horrible back pain... I talked about it a bit, I think. Well, on recommendation from my rheumatologist, I got an appointment with a physical therapist, and my first appointment was today.

So I have a sports injury. And yes, it is a BELLY DANCING INJURY.

What the hell. Only *I* could be injured by doing something as non-strenuous as BELLY DANCING.

Basically what appears to have happened is that when I moved up to the advanced class and my instructor started pointing out ways for me to sharpen my moves and do them more correctly, I overdid it a little bit. Muscles that I've never used were asked to not only work, but to do things they had never even CONSIDERED doing. And to retaliate, those muscles squinched themselves up in a little ball and have not un-squinched. So I basically have a tight ball of muscles on one side of my spine, which has also caused those joints to go all wonky. But the wonky joints can't get fixed until the tight ball of muscles gets undone.

And so... I get PT twice a week for several weeks, until it gets all straightened out. At the low low price of a $35 copay each visit. And I thought we were saving our "economic stimulus" check. Not anymore!

Well, we're going to Atlantic City on Wednesday for a couple nights, so I guess my new goal is to win enough money to pay for all my physical therapy.

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Mymsie said...

First of all, LOVE the stock "back pain" photo. Very raw!

It sort of sounds glamorous to injure yourself belly dancing. Like something that might happen to a Bond villainess.