Reason #1247562 why I love my husband.

Last night, my husband actually did not complain about me watching American Idol. He let me sit there and watch the WHOLE thing without ONCE saying, "Can't we watch something else?!" I was entirely impressed and must admit I sort of sat there thinking, "Come on, Davids, hurry up and sing before Bryan thinks it's time to go to bed!" (Okay, that may make it sound like I have to jump as soon as Bryan says so, that's not the case. What is the case is we enjoy being together, and we have DVR to record our (my) shows, so if Bryan's in a tv-watching mood, I usually postpone viewing whatever I'd be watching otherwise because I'd rather find something we both enjoy and spend time together. Just wanted to clarify that. :) )

Anyway, American Idol was good, but I'm pretty sure Archie's going to win. He wanted it more if you just go by last night. David Cook will be bigger though. Mark. My. Words.

So, this post is NOT about American Idol. Let's get to the point, shall we?

About 10 minutes before Idol ended, Bryan called down to me from upstairs, "Do you want to come up here with me after that's done or should I come downstairs with you?" I debated... upstairs probably meant in the bed watching TV. I flipped through the guide on the tv, didn't see anything particularly exciting coming on at 9pm, then realized if he came downstairs I may be able to talk him into watching last week's episode of LOST (the one show we watch together all the time). "Come downstairs!" I told him.

So he waited until Idol was over, and came downstairs and headed straight to the DVD player. I asked what he was putting in, he said porn. Of course. He's a man. But don't worry, he was lying.

The DVD loaded and onto the screen came something I had never seen before. It was US! On our WEDDING DAY!!! On VIDEO!

Now, shortly after we got married (a year and eight months ago), Bryan made a photo slideshow onto DVD, but there were two friends who brought their video cameras to the ceremony and recorded it, but we had never figured out how to get the tiny camera tapes onto a DVD (we didn't pay a videographer, and never regretted it, for the record). (Now that I think about it, I think I was supposed to figure that out... oops.) The first Valentine's Day after we were married, Bryan borrowed the video camera of one of the guys who had recorded for us and brought it home so we could watch the tape for the first time, and that was the sweetest Valentine's Day gift ever. I have to say, I had sort of forgotten about those tapes even being here, so that DVD popping up was the most randomly romantic thing EVER.

What's even crazier is that I had not even an hour before this been reading Dear Abby and the letters were all about women who were writing because some other person had said her husband didn't buy her jewelry so he wasn't romantic. Yesterday's writers were giving examples of how their husbands were romantic and jewelry played no part in it. After I read those, my first thought was, "Oh, my husband is romantic! This makes me want to find our wedding vows and read them again with Bryan." And then, wouldn't you know, the man reads my mind and pulls out of thin air a DVD with us reading our wedding vows.

People, how did I get so lucky?


Mymsie said...

Ahh, young love! ♥

Cassandra said...

What a sweetie! I'm glad you got a good one....