Afternoon Annoyance: Housekeeping!

I'm sitting here staring at my little dish of M&Ms and realizing that today is Thursday, and have thus become incredibly annoyed with housekeeping.

You see, Thursday is our trash pick-up day. They come around and empty trash every night if you leave your trash can in the hallway, but they only empty the trash cans IN your office on Thursdays. Typically this is fine--I don't make a whole lot of trash because I recycle most of my paper stuff--but it is usually full to overflowing when Thursday comes around.

So last week, I came in Friday morning and didn't really think about the trash. I sat down and started working and looked over and realized that my dish of M&Ms was EMPTY. I knew when I left Thursday it had been at least half-way full, and I knew that my boss and our intern had not dumped the whole dish into their mouths. The only possible culprit? Housekeeping!

Little bastards. And the kicker? They emptied the two other trash cans in our office suite, but NOT MINE! I guess they got so caught up with shoving red & green M&Ms in their pie holes that they forgot they were actually sitting at my desk for a PURPOSE. Other than THIEVERY!

These punks are famous for being lazy and fairly incompetent. This summer we discovered one of them had been perusing foot fetish porn on my boss's computer. A housekeeper stole an apple and a Pepsi from my desk that same night. The next night they left all the songs they had burned onto a CD on my boss's desktop and left the CD drive open. In the bathroom, a big, dead bug laid on the floor for about 6 weeks, until one day I tore off a paper towel and put it over it, since it seemed the only thing they ever do when they "clean" that bathroom is pick up large trash--it was gone the next day. You can't tell me they never saw that bug.

Anyway, I put a hot pink Post-It note on my M&Ms that says "Please don't take ALL my M&Ms :)." I thought about putting another one that said "And don't forget to empty my trash," but knowing the penchant for porn of previous housekeeping staff, I'm a little afraid I'd come into my office to a sticky situation. IF ya know what I mean.

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