My new love affair.

Okay, I am officially in love with a set of HD DVDs. My husband knows about this affair, and maybe even shares in it. It is the Planet Earth series.

We watched two of them last night, and if I had my way, I would have watched the other 9 and played hookey from work today. You can check out a sampling of what's offered through Planet Earth here, but you gotta watch all of them. ESPECIALLY if you have access to HD DVD or Blu Ray. Holy Jesus. I don't think I've ever before said "Wow" that many times in a period of a couple of hours. I am still totally geeking out over these. I can't wait to watch the rest, and I can't stop thinking about the ones we watched! You will see parts of the world you never knew existed, animals you have never seen, views that made me get all teary eyed and feel my heart well up with gratitude for this beautiful planet we live on.

I'm feeling about as nerdy as I ever have about this series, you really should check them out. Hell, you can come to my house and watch them if you want!

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