Afternoon Happiness: Commendations!

Part of my job is to manage a medical residency program... I do all the administrative stuff for 22 doctors doing their final training to be internists & pediatricians (they'll be able to see adults AND kids when they're done). Well, there are standards that every residency must live up to, and the program is reviewed every couple of years by a national organization to make sure we're doing what we're supposed to. In between these reviews there are internal reviews, to make sure we'll be ready when the real thing comes.

We just got back our results from our internal review today. It was seven pages of the committee's suggestions for improvements to our program (or requests for clarification in some cases). At the very end, there was one line that made my day:

Commendation: Residents are very pleased with how supportive and helpful Lydia is.

Yay. :)

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Cassandra said...

They *better* recognize!