Morning Annoyance: Housekeeping. Again!

Either the housekeepers came in last night and got pissed about my little M&M note, or they are just as useless as I suspected. I got to work this morning to three full trash cans. They didn't empty our trash! One good thing: I still have a full dish of candy.

Thankfully the contract manager for the housekeeping service gets pissed when they don't do what they're supposed to and routinely comes around to check and asks that we call if we don't get serviced. So I called my good buddy Robert Brown and he said he'd send someone over.

She arrived just a few minutes ago. Sort of confused looking. I said, "We have three trash cans, one in that office, one here (pulling mine out) and one in that office." She looked at me with a blank face and began fumbling with her soda bottle. Yes. She came in with a 20 ounce soda in one hand and trash bags in the other. So for about a minute she switched the bottle from hand to hand trying to figure out how she was going to empty three trash cans AND maintain control of her Diet Pepsi. Finally she settled on stuffing it in her coat pocket, and she set about emptying the trash.

I was in the middle of reading residency applications, so I continued to do that, but I always hate for the service people around here to think people don't appreciate them or think they are lesser beings, so I tried to make some small talk. I told her I guessed they forgot about us (while secretly reading her face to see if perhaps she was the one who stole my M&Ms last week, or if someone had indeed been in last night and read my note and decided not to empty our trash and told her about it). She apologized, said she guessed so too, apologized again, fidgeted with the soda bottle again. I thanked her a couple times in between her apologies and then she was on her way. Still wearing that blank, confused expression.

At least my trash can's empty now.

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