Miss Misery

Well, I knew when Bryan had a fever Monday night into Tuesday that I was probably going to catch whatever he had. But I did not think it would be this bad.

I left work yesterday after my throat hurt worse and worse and I started feeling dizzy going to get lunch and couldn't have the lights on in my office. I could tell it was a fever coming on, and I almost never get fevers. I came home and Bryan and I both got in our sick bed (he's still sick) and did our best to take care of each other. From about 6pm last night until right now, my temperature has fluctuated between 101.3 and 102.6. I felt nauseated and it hurts so much to swallow that I think I slept on every clear, cushy surface in my house at some point last night to try to get comfortable. And to top it off, my throat is so swollen that I can't talk. Oh, and every time I take a sip of water, it goes up in my nose because there's no room to go down my throat.

This sucks. We're going to the doctor shortly, hopefully he'll tell me this is something they make medicine to fix.

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