Sara's getting married!

Well, my Maid of Honor is becoming the Bride!

My friend Sara, who I've known since our days at Thomas Dale in AP Calculus together, got engaged the day before Christmas Eve (another friend Sarah tells me this is called "Christmas Adam," but I don't know about that... :) ). She and her beau Jason will be tying the knot on November 8 of this year, and I am so excited for them!

On Thursday, Sara called me with a last minute invitation. Some of her girlfriends in DC (where they all live) were taking her to dinner Friday night to peruse bridal magazines, and since she was asking all of them to be in the wedding, and since she wanted me to be in the wedding too, she wondered if I'd drive up to Alexandria for the evening... and if I'd be a bridesmaid! Of course I said yes to both. Who can resist wedding planning, mexican food and some of your best friends! So last night I had flashbacks of my days at the Arthritis Foundation when I used to have to drive up to Northern Virginia and back for committee meetings. I headed up to Alexandria after work, met the ladies for some great discussion and food, and drove home.

Can I just say that I LOVE weddings? I didn't really care much either way before I got married myself, but my wedding was the most fun day of my life so far, and I am so excited to help Sara on her road to her own best day ever. She is planning to get married here in Richmond, so that means I'll be more of a help than I would have been if she got married in DC, and also that I'll get to see more of her! Yay! Looking at the bridal magazines and talking about the wedding and her love for Jason made me all mushy... it is so fun to be a girl in love, with friends who are also in love. Mushiness abounds!

Anyway, today Bryan and I have been cleaning the house together, and it desperately needed it, as I totally fell off the 15-minute bandwagon. I am determined to get back on it though... in just a few minutes my former neighbor Sarah is coming over and we are going to the Arthritis Foundation's Crystal Ball, the black-tie fundraiser event. Should be fun!

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