See, it can be winter here!

In spite of Bryan's insistence that it never snows in Richmond, it did! Saturday afternoon it began, and by some miracle it got cold enough that it actually stuck to the ground, and was not melted by the time we got up Sunday morning. Naturally, this called for some outdoor fun!

Perhaps to further emphasize the difference between Northerners and Southerners, this is what I wore to play in the snow:
And this is what Bryan wore:
Luckily I had just gotten a great deal on ski pants at A&N ($12.99!), so I put on those over long johns and jeans and a sweater, with my giant boots, a coat and a hat. Oh, and a scarf and gloves. For Bryan? Old sneakers, shorts, a t-shirt and a windbreaker. Whatever, honey, I know you were cold! :)

We just stayed out long enough to tackle each other in the snow a couple times... maybe fifteen minutes. And of course the short amount of time outside had nothing to do with the fact that my husband was dressed like he was going for a jog.

The best part about playing in the snow? SNOW ANGELS!

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Lucky Mom said...

You are sooooo funny. My (Russian) daughter also woke me up to tell me that there was 'now outside...running back and forth between my bed and the window in my room.