Afternoon Happiness: Mountain Dew

After hours of reading medical school transcripts, personal statements and letters of recommendation, I started to feel my eyelids get very heavy. Rather than fall asleep and end up drooling on my keyboard, I decided to break my own no-soda-on-weekdays rule a little bit and go get a Mountain Dew to pep me up.

I took the first sip, and felt like a crack addict. I grinned and giggled and cooed to my boss about how good it tasted, then took another sip and repeated the sequence. What I didn't think about before taking a swig is that since I instituted my soda-free weekdays rule a few months ago, I have really only drunk Pepsi on the weekends (with the exception of that one Cheerwine evening). So I couldn't even tell you the last time I had a Mountain Dew.

And, MAN, is it good.

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