Afternoon Happiness: Chocolate Chip Cookie

I think I have a small stomach or something, because I don't have a lot of capacity for large meals. Which is good. But what it means is that often I can not eat a meal PLUS dessert all in one sitting. Today for lunch, we had boxed lunches. Mine had a sandwich (chicken salad), potato salad, a pickle spear and a chocolate chip cookie. I enjoyed the savory parts while watching last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy online (which was so good!), but didn't have room at the end for the cookie.

So now it is sitting daintily on a napkin on my desk, looking up at me with its big chocolatey chips and smiling.

Okay, it's not really smiling. But it feels like it is. And while I am a fan of delayed gratification, I think it's time for me to chomp it.

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